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Receive a 10% cash bonus when you purchase a GoCash game card and redeem on Powerpets! January / US customers only Select one or more of 80 adoptable pets to aid you in your journeys through the cities of Powerpets Train your pets, increase their strength, give them armor and make them smarter so they can learn more throughout your travels Minis are your pets best friend! Gather evolutions eggs and hatch them into cool minis that can play with and defend your pet. There are hundreds of areas to explore. Each with their own features and goals. Some obvious, others hidden. Find them all! Buy, use or collect some or all of the nearly 17,000 items available on Powerpets. Sell items in your shops, trade them in the swap barn or auction them in the bidding barn. With so many available options, you're bound to turn a profit! Community bingo games every 15 minutes, every day, all day long. Show off your skills in art contests and have a chance to win great prizes! Make great profits in our stock market, based on the actual Powerpets economy, not just some random numbers. Watch the trends, buy low, sell high, and walk away with millions. Whether on public Forums, Power Mail, Game Chat or Powerpets Instant Messenger, you'll always have someone to talk to. Create blogs for your real life pets. Keep track of their lives and show them off to other players. You can even win cool stuff for having the best blog! Set up an aquarium, decorate it and load it up with fish. As a bonus, you can even earn Powerbucks for having a well cared for aquarium.

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